Peace and Tranquility


 Activities & Day Trips



  Our Mountain View Lodge is a place of peace and relaxation.



  You can either sit in the Sun in the garden or by the pool and enjoy the day or get pleasure from the  wonderful panorama, which is offered to you when looking from Acra-Retreat.


 Do you feel  one with nature? Then you have the total relaxation and we have reached our goal!



  However there is some live around us. 


Guided Quad Trails

As from probably October 2015 we will offer our new GUIDED QUAD TRAILS for our guests.

  Enjoy one of our breathtaking routes for beginners and experienced drivers. Of course we provide the well serviced quads, helmets, goggles, etc… But you can also bring your own quads and we will guide you through the beautiful plains & sparkling rivers over various properties.







“Nature Drives” in an open SUV around Waterval Boven with amazing views, historic sites, picnic break,…









 Only a 2 minutes’ drive away, the small, picturesque railway town of Waterval Boven is situated.

 Waterval Boven provides a relatively good infrastructure.

 A pub,supermarkets, an antique store, a FNB bank with two ATM's, butchers,two Liquor Stores, fast food  & la Carte restaurants and much more besides a gas station and a hospital. Definitely do not miss, to visit the steam  train railways in Waterval Boven.

But also in the immediate vicinity, we have a lot to offer:


The short Abseil

For nature & sport fans:

Whether beginner or advanced, there is something for everybody .


Our Tip:

The 60m abseiling right next to the waterfall; an unforgettable experience!

(Photo is just the 30m abseil)


For those who are historically and architecturally interested:

·         •  stone circles

·         •  steam train

·         •  five Ark bridge

·         •  "Anglo Boer" war sites

          •  The Paul Krueger Museum 

Be  taken by the mysticism of early cultural history.



We particularly want to recommend following small snippet on day trips.

 They maybe are less touristy, but nevertheless, or just why they are especially worth seeing: 


Our secret tip:

Kaapse Hoop also known as Kaapshehoop is a fairytale town with a rich and monumental history which is the perfect place to unwind.

  •  Kaapsche Hoop (55 km)

    This picturesque little town is surrounded by stone and rocky landscapes as you imagine it on the Moon and was once build by people searching and digging for gold.

    As they all left for Johannesburg many years ago (where the gold was just lying on the street!), they left some of their horses there:

    Now Kaapsche Hoop claims to have one of the Biggest Wild Horses Colonie in the World (or at least Africa :).

    The horses also just roam in the little town and might even ask you for some sweeties !!

    Hiking trails will lead you to one of the many waterfall around there.


    The contrast is overwhelming. You are located in a small village of artists. The town was built in the Cape Dutch style, and it looks like time stands still.


    And as a highlight: After a 30 minute trail through the "Moon Landscape" you will get rewarded with a view which defies all descriptions !!! Magnificent!

    Most guests agree with us theat the view is actually nicer than at God's Window.


Day trips


The distances from Acra-Retreat **Mountain View Lodge**

are right next to the experience specified. 

  • To visit Sudwala Caves (82 km) is to embark on a geological expedition. The gigantic halls of the oldest known caves in the world are filled with fairytale cave formations, illuminated to display the brilliant true colour.
  • See one of the longest roots in the world.
  • Explorers also have the privilege of discovering the history & unsolved mysteries that shroud the caves, with tales of marauding impi, stony apparitions and resonant rock. 

    Even Pavarotti performed in the biggest cave. The acoustics are phenomenal!

  • For children (and grown ups !!) there is the Sudwala Dinosaur Park right next door
  • They also have the famous Doctor fish, which will perform a pedicure for you.

The railway in town!! (tours possible)

  • Nelspruit (90 km)  

    You want to go shopping or buy some African souvenirs? In Nelspruit, you will find everything your heart desires.


    You can also visit the Lowveld National Botanical Garden

    This is probably the most spectacular botanical garden in South Africa, with the confluence

    of the Nels and Crocodile rivers a bit further down along the path.

    This is a great day’s outing.



    Visit also the new Mbombela Stadium which was built for  the

    Soccer World Cup in 2010.



Go on a exploration tour  

Because of the ideal location of Acra-Retreat **Mountain View Lodge**, you can easily discover all of the spectacular attractions in this region.

We are always happy to advise you or help you make a booking.

  • Blyde River Canyon (180 km)
  • Krüger National Park (160 km) 
  • Berlin Falls (160)
  • Graskop (145 km) 
  • Pilgims Rest (145 km)
  • God´s Window (142 km)
  • Bourke´s Luck Potholes (140km)
  • Mac Mac Falls (135)
  • Sabie Valley Coffee Tour (159 km)




-Dreams come True-


Please talk to us, if you are interested in a tour of a special kind. 


Photo we took in the Krueger National Park




View from our deck


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